DeFacto Studio is not like most digital marketing companies. We take pride in being different, and our result orientated process is actually a workflow model has been crafted and mastered by our team in the last decade. We have been testing and fine-tuning it until it “clicked”. Now we are confident that this is the most effective process which enables us to produce great results and we use it as road map for each of the projects we work on.

Custom software (web and app) solutions and result orientated marketing with high ROI are not a simple tasks, but we’ve perfected our process over the years by countless hours of researching, testing, refining and executing our strategies & producing outstanding results for our clients. We are not existing as a company to do what is easy, we are here to do what is important and we are proud of our work.

In DeFacto Studio we are highly confident in our ability to understand what each of our clients wants and needs and then delivering results which form meaningful competitive advantage.


The first thing we do is to analyze your brief. Then we ask you questions about your goals, vision and of course about your business and we go out and research. 
We study your brand, explore your industry and competition, we get to know your customers.

Getting the right answers begins with asking the right questions.We believe that excellent work is born from a true understanding of where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go. We will start with comprehensive SWOT analysis, market research, competitor analysis and analytical reports depending on what the project requires. Our goal is to discover all the potential underwater rocks and of course all the opportunities for the project.

We uncover all the possible key insights that guide the creative process to come. We also:


  • Understand your company and its position within its market
  • Understand what you are trying to achieve
  • Identify where improvements could be made and what needs to be done to maximize opportunity and/or ensure the success of the project
  • Understand  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

By investing time understanding the challenges of your business / project and building a strategic plan, we can start with a pretty solid foundation. There will always be an element of test and improve in digital marketing, but starting with solid strategy enables us to reduce the risks.

During the research phase our main goals are:


  • Analyze your current situation
  • Define your goals
  • Determine your target audience
  • Discover where your target audience can be found and what they like
  • Develop strategies to reach your target audience and convert them into loyal clients
Nowadays being found online is only the first step of the process. Your digital presence should be moving people down in the funnel until they become not just a client, but a loyal paladin of your brand. After we make the initial research we will pick the right members of our team to work on your project, create a project estimate and schedule.
With our research done, the planning phase transforms that information into a clear set of insights, objectives and business goals. As we know your target audience and we have researched your brand, we can determine your messaging and positioning in the marketplace if you don’t have them already.

At this point, we’re able to create the plan to bring this vision to life. We believe that the perfect plan prevents poor performance and we pay great attention in starting the project on the right foot, because  “The Battle is Always won before you set foot on a battlefield” Sun Tzu

We outline all the insights we’ve gathered, the unique selling points, messaging and positioning plans as well as the business goals and timelines and we create plan for the ultimate customer journey which will turn your potential clients into loyal ambassadors of your brand. We’ve learned how customers want to interact with you so our goal is to optimize each channel keeping the full journey in mind
Of course at this point we evaluate all the resources that are going to be required for the upcoming project, we estimate the price an we create project brief and schedule which are sent to you for approval.
After the evaluation we’ve created the plan, estimated the price and you have approved them … now it is time to get down to business. The focus of this phase is the execution and implementation of strategies, designed to elevate your brand, grow your business and engage with current and potential clients.

Here are several types of things you can accomplish by working with DeFacto Studio:


  • Expand your reach, increase brand awareness and availability
  • Determine, find and reach your ideal clients
  • Optimize your sales funnel to increase lifetime customer value
  • Improve your customer journey
  • Improve sales performance and marketing ROI
  • Attract and convert high-margin customers and reduce churn
We can take care of the customized web solutions and applications, membership portals and all the tech stuff required to build the foundation for incredible customer journey. We also deal with sales funnels, social, digital marketing and email marketing to ensure your business growth and revenue increase.

We create ideas and strategies that engage, entertain and instruct your clients. 

During this phase we:
  • Develop your strategy and calendar
  • Create valuable content for your potential clients
  • Improve your online and social presence
  • Improve your marketing and sales funnel
  • Conversion rate optimization and increase the lifetime customer value

We work on creating an optimized online presence and customer journey that are directly tied to meeting your goals. We create the conversion funnels that will lead to success. Developing and leveraging your assets is what this phase is all about.

After the initial start of the project or launch of the campaign we start collecting valuable data.

We live in data-driven world and all of the available data makes us make better decisions. Of course there is an information overload, but from our practice we’ve come up with the essentials and we surely know what to measure and how to measure it effectively.

By clearly defining our mutual goals and objectives early in the process, we’re able to define key performance indicators and metrics that we can use to measure. Once the project or the campaign is up and running, we measure, test and analyze. We figure out what’s working, and what should be working better. Through all of this, we’re able to track consumer behavior and get a better understanding of how we can improve the customer journey in order to create stronger, more relevant experiences that form better relationships between your brand and your target audience.

And now one of the most interesting phases. After we’ve created all the vehicles, we have gathered all the required data and analyzed it ….  the time for improvements comes. 

As our mutual goal is to provide a compelling experience for your clients and potential clients, we need to understand deeper the dynamics of your target audience. By tracking them across web, mobile and other touchpoints in a cohesive way we gather all the required details and we analyze and measure the results in order to optimize and improve.  We think that no matter how good the results are, they can always be tweaked and improved and this is why we pay special attention to this phase.

You know … all that little tweaks which can skyrocket your engagement and conversion rates. Unlike most of the marketing companies out there, our firm puts lots of efforts in the optimization process. We simply love to improve things. We are passionate about finding ways to do things better. If something is not performing like it should, we tweak it. We have proven to our clients the importance of this phase … now is your turn. Let us prove it to you too.