We are digital nomads, solution providers and action takers, dedicated to inspire, motivate and empower brands and entrepreneurs to maximize their potential and achieve superior profit growth with integrity.

Our mission is to help brands and entrepreneurs gain meaningful competitive advantage and increase their revenue. We focus our work on the key essentials that will grow your business, so you can focus on creating value for your customers. In order to achieve this mission we craft customized web solutions, websites and apps, develop and apply digital marketing, email marketing and social media strategies, all specifically tailored to each client’s specific needs. We work with businesses of all sizes and there is no one-size-fits-all solution that is effective enough.


DeFacto Studio mainly addresses the needs of entrepreneurs & brands that want to maximise the effectiveness of their online presence, launch great products, attract more clients, improve marketing and grow their business exponentially.

Today’s digital environment gets disrupted very often and in order to stay ahead you need to be constantly learning, testing and discovering new and better strategies to get attention and attract clients while still stay true to the human relationships. We are here to enable you to free yourself from all of these and rely on us as a partner,  so you can concentrate your efforts on improving your product or service and become the winner of tomorrow. Think of us as ” The Dream Team you can hire to enhance your online presence and improve your marketing and ROI, because we are exactly this.



defacto_bgWe will go deeper in the essentials of your business in order to expand your reach and create customer journey that will make it easy for your ideal prospects to find you, get to know you and buy from you. We will improve the quality of the user experience so it can influence your potential clients in a positive way and turn you into a top-of-mind brand. By creating enhanced customer journey based on behavior dynamics and other proven to work techniques and strategies we’ll turn your random clients in loyal paladins of your brand. We focus on increasing the lifestyle customer value, rather than some quick and easy wins, because this is what will make huge impact on your business growth.